Room escape game in Zaragoza

Are you thinking on what to do in Zaragoza? Test your mind, work as a team and live a mind-bending experience with the first live room escape game in Zaragoza. Gather a team of 2 to 5 people with friends, colleagues or family, enter in one of our rooms and try to escape in less than 60 minutes. Easy, right? Will you be able to escape?

Live a funny adventure in our escape room in Zaragoza

Proof your physical and mental skills to solve the mistery we propose you in our escape room in Zaragoza. You have 3 different games to choose: The Kauffman report, The prisoner 136 and The heredity. Enjoy with your relatives, friends or colleagues in this funny leisure activity in Zaragoza.


How do our escape rooms work?

Get a team

Gather from 2 to 5 friends to start the adventure

Make your reservation

Choose the day, hour and number of persons

Enter in the room

Test your mind, work as a team and live a unique experience

Get out

You have 60 minutes to escape the room. Will you get that?


An escape room in my company?

The escape rooms are a perfect activity to make team building and group dymanics for companies. It promotes teamwork, cooperation and communication in your work team thanks to our escape games. More information here.


What is a room escape game?

The escape room games are a new and original leisure activity, perfecto to play and spend a good time with friends, family or work colleagues. You have to try to escape of a mistery room, solving puzzles and gathering information and clues you find on that room. The room escape is one of the best hobbies to proof and develop your mental skills. Summing up, a great leisure plan to spend your free time in Zaragoza.

More than 10.000 people have tried to overcome the challenge of our room escape


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