Frequent questions

Who can play?

Adult and minors accompanied, even though we recommend it from 15 years.

How many can we play?

The game is for a mínimum of 2 and a máximum of 5 people. For bigger groups (6 to 10) we offer the possibility to enter one group after the other without waiting in between. Aproximately in 2h and 15 minutes everybody will have finished and you can check which group performed better.

How long does the activity last?

The máximum duration of the activity is 60 minutes, plus 15 minutes of explanation before entering the room.

Should I wear special clothes or bring something?

No, you won´t be doing any physical activity that requires special clothes. It is also not necessary to bring anything, just your willing to have fun!

What if we arrive late?

The games last 1 hour, so we ask you to be punctual. There will probably be another Group behind you and if you are late, you might lose the reservation. The session starts at the time you reserve, no need to come earlier.

How should I pay?

You can pay with Credit card, with secure payment gateway.

Wat if I want to cance my reservation?

  • Up to 5 days before the date and hour of the reservation: we refund the money.
  • Up to 48 hours before the date and hour of the reservation: we can´t refund the money but we offer the opportunity to choose another day and hour.
  • 48 hours before: we can´t refund the money or change the reservation.


What if there is an emergency or I am overwhelmed?

Stay calm, you can get out of the room anytime. The other players can continue playing and you can come back whenever you want. But don´t worry, your mind will be too busy to think on anything else.

It is wheelchair friendly?

Yes, no problem. There are only certain parts of the game that aren´t accessible for wheelchairs so we recommend that at least one of the participant doesn´t have mobility issues.

Can you deny us the entrance in the game?

If we consider that one of the participants is not in conditions to play for being drunk or drugged, we might deny the entrance. Besides in case of material destruction, the game could be interrupted.